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MPC Collectibles is built on the notion that art has an integrated and powerful role in our lives. Our pieces blur the boundaries between fine art and design, bringing Mário Pires Cordeiro’s artistry to your everyday. MPC’s creative journey is Lisbon born, London developed, and now San Francisco established.

At the intersection of fine art and function, MPC Collectibles are pieces made for the artistically-minded looking to bring high-quality art into every facet of their lives. Each Collectible is an experimental artwork by Mário Pires Cordeiro, hand-crafted from locally-sourced materials right here in San Francisco, California.

With his expertise in color and multimedia production, MPC presents a curated selection of pieces ready to be integrated into your life as you live it.

Each Collectible is crafted with careful consideration, bringing concepts and motifs explored in MPC’s studio art practice to mediums that everyone can enjoy, especially because of our sustainable and ethical approach.



SF No. 49

MPC Collectibles presents SF No. 49, a work from the Cap series. This hat complements SF No. 50, but features a stylish pink panel and patch designed by Mário Pires Cordeiro. The patch is modeled after the shape of MPC’s artwork SF No. 43 while the colors are sourced from the Amplification series.

These 5 Panel Flat Visor baseball caps are locally made in California and assembled in MPC’s studio in San Francisco, CA. We use sustainably sourced materials: a breathable, lightweight cotton/polyester blend ideal for myriad weather conditions. One size fits all, these caps feature an adjustable leather strap with metal clasp on the back.

Each cap is signed and numbered as a part of a limited edition series.


SF No. 49, Cap

SF No. 50, Cap




MPC Collectibles presents six new works from the Towel series. These towels contain material leftovers of the work process of the new Kaleidoscope series with which the artist cleaned his brushes, palettes, spills and drippings in the studio, now recycled, washed, sealed and repurposed to bring splashes of color into your life. 

Decorative and dynamic these 100% cotton towels explore the intersections and opportunities that can be found between traditional methods of making and fabrication functionality. 

Each towel is signed and numbered as part of a limited edition series..


SF No. 73, Towel



The Tote collection has expanded to multiple colors! SF No. 58 joins the Collectibles line to add a pop of color to your wardrobe! It was customized, assembled, and screen-printed in San Francisco. The screen-printing was done by local non-profit Ashbury Images.

It features a canary yellow canvas with pink and blue panels that correspond to the materials used in Collectibles SF No. 49, Cap. This Tote comes in a limited edition of 20, each one signed and numbered.


SF No. 58, Tote


SF No. 58, Tote