Future Prospectus, Flags, Part 3

Future Prospectus, Flags, Part 3


satin and digital prints on silk

98" x 40" x 40"

London, 2006-2008

This series of flags - presented in different configurations first in London, England, then in Porto, Portugal, then Lisbon, Portugal, and then again in London - comments on the construction of identity. Flags and banners declare symbolic representation of unifying concepts and values; this artwork series creates new imaginary countries and lands to stand behind these symbols. The colors for the works were selected from the 2006 color forecast by the International Colour Authority, incorporating themes of speculation and prediction into the structuring of identity. The characters within the different flags and banners are fictional depictions of futuristic satellites, activating the symbols in exploratory ways. This activation is enhanced by the three-dimensionality of the flags and their interaction with the space: they react to wind and are not bolted entirely to the wall.

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