Tower, Part 2

Tower, Part 2


high gloss enamel paint, spray paint, plywood, wood and wheels

88" x 78" x 78"

London, 2013

In its second iteration, the Tower took on a new context as a part of the Color in Context exhibition at Enclave Gallery. On this occasion, the tower acted as a key in conjunction with the publication "Color in Context," designating a different color for different countries. The exhibition aimed to create an abstract color map of Europe, anchored by the Tower and its colors, previously selected from the 2010 color forecast by the International Colour Authority. The floor below the Tower was spray painted in order to give the impression that the Tower marked a particular location on a larger map. The publication linked its coloration to the Netherlands in reference to the Tower's first iteration as a work in conversation with the works of Vincent Van Gogh.

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